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Espagnolette lock 922 coded with 2 keys, master key can be ordered individually

Applications: cabinets, showcases, drawers, windows, sliding doors, etc.

Surface: nickel-plated.

Scope of delivery: a lock (cylinder 16.5mm) 1x rosette, 2x keys, 2x locking hooks, 2x guides, 2x stoppers, 2x rods.

You can choose between 2 poles in lengths of 1m or 2 poles with 1.2m.

Function:  It can be screwed like a screw lock with a 4-point fastening inside the door. The door is fixed at several points when the lock is closed by means of profile rotating rods and attached locking hooks (multi-point locking ) . The rotating bars included in the set can be shortened to the required length.

Each furniture lock has two keys of its own, with which only this one lock can be opened. The master key differs fundamentally from that of the individual locks. Nevertheless, all locks can be opened with the master key.

Ideal for cloakroom lockers - everyone has their own key for their compartment, but all compartments remain accessible to a responsible person.

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